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Prince Myshkin, 2013
Enamel, latex and ink
15’ x 45’

Seven: A Performative Drawing Project, featuring seven artists who are invited to draw directly onto one of seven walls in the Montserrat Gallery over a seven-week time frame. Each artist participating in this exhibition will individually contribute work to one of the seven walls in the gallery from June
3 – August 8, 2013. This exhibit focuses on each artist’s performative and personal approach to creating his or her site-specific artwork. During each installation the gallery will be open allowing for viewers to witness the artist’s practice.
Featured artists are Andy Bablo, Percy Fortini-Wright, Alexa Guariglia, Allison Cole, John Gonzalez, Autumn Ahn, and David Teng Olsen.
-curated by Leonie Bradbury, Director and Curator of the Galleries at Montserrat College, Beverly, MA

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