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Once in a lifetime chance to own your own giant mahjong tile. These measure 16 x 12 x 9 inches and are made of MDF. Each block was hand crafted and hand painted. Not only are the beautiful but can function as a piece of furniture if you are short on space. Along with the tile you will get a 5 x 7 inch print of the installation as it was displayed at the Davis Museum the fall of 2014. I included a short excerpt from the catalog to give you a sense of what the complete installation was about. The photograph will be autographed and dated. The title of the installation is, "Chasing Infinity" 


The blocks have been installed a few times so they have a few small nicks and scratches. I will send you pictures of any damage before I ship them out. 


David Teng-Olsen's quixotic, highly poetic work seeks to probe the origins of our sense of identity. While he is concerned with this question in the abstract, his own art is curiously, restlessly and insistently autobiographical. He uses himself as what he calls “test subject” and draws on his unusual, but nevertheless quintessentially American, life story to examine how and why we construct our own peculiar self-understandings.

Oversized Mahjong Tile

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